Over the past 20 years, I have worked alongside top agencies to build co-brand strategies for international platforms. I love the challenge of creating efficiencies while being a hard-working, principled person. As a seasoned team leader, I have tangible experience dealing with corporate partnerships, contemporary art installations, and navigating the complexity of XM projects. I have handled logistics for major events with over 1 million attendees and managed multi-department teams of 100+ staff within both the private and public sectors, while being responsible for budgets valued at millions of dollars. I have consulted with professionals in various industries to help develop and execute plans for both national and international programs. My true passion is in mentoring and leading others, as well as strategically developing business concepts. Many of these projects involved negotiating with multiple city services departments while accommodating requests or concerns from different government agencies. Greatness is only possible through collaboration, which is why I place emphasis on effective communication. By building confidence between myself, my team members, and our business partners, I am able to ensure that projects run smoothly and meet their potential.


"Jordan is superlative in his organization, diligence and enthusiasm. Definitely a top performer in his industry."

Ken Jackson

Senior Vice President Marketing at HYPERIAN & UMBRA

"Jordan's ability to get people and organizations from different industries at table communicating, working together and creating wonderful memorable events is what he does best. He has the ability to connect with individuals and bring the best qualities they have into light.

Jordon shines best when he is creating a vision for an organization and inspiring people to develop that vision in unison.."

- Monika Matel-Sousa

Director of Enterprise Solution Services (Acting) at City of Toronto

"I've had the pleasure of working with Jordan when he was overseeing our Corporate partnership with House of Blues Concerts Canada. His ability to understand our needs and challenges in this landscape combined with his remarkable client service skills made this partnership even the more successful. Jordan is professional, reliable, thorough and is nothing but a pleasure to work with. Looking forward to having the opportunity of working with Jordan again."

- Johanne Belley

Leader in partnership development & strategic alliances, generating value for consumers & brands on the National & International markets

"I had the pleasure of working with Jordan Patterson, while in my position with the City Of Toronto as a Supervisor in the Special Events department. I found Jordan to be a very capable communicator and organizer and would highly recommend him for further Production or Project Management projects in the Entertainment or Event industry. With outstanding organizational skills and an exceptionally professional and friendly mannerism, Jordan's skill set and experience in the Event Industry shines through his calm management of any and all details that come his way."

- Mike Brisbin

Project/ Account Manager at MVI - MultiVision Inc.

"Working with Jordan was a delight – with a deep understanding of both the processes and people behind staging a major event in Toronto he was able to steer Pride through the process of recovering from last-minute staff turnover and get the organisation's working relationship with several city departments back on track.

In addition to working with Jordan in the lead-up, I had the pleasure of sharing the night shift with him during the festival, during which he coordinated the smooth delivery, supply, and construction of stages and other festival infrastructure.

Always positive and adept at finding the best way to communicate with and obtain the best work from colleagues (both paid staff and volunteers), Jordan brings tremendous insight, experience and most importantly professionalism to every project.

- Martin Kuplens-Ewart

Product leader with a passion for helping teams build impactful user-centric products and services

"As a women of colour starting out in owning a business I really appreciate the guidance Jordan provided to my company, forever grateful for the countless ways he guided me on the right path in my business endeavours. Not only is he a fantastic mentor and great role model, his perseverance, integrity and soul loving nature are a few of the qualities that continue to inspire me."

- Lisa J.

"Be you-define your own beauty"

"Jordan helped us manage a music sponsorship for Nokia at House of Blues Concerts Canada. Jordan was a trustworthy and responsive sponsorship manager, ensuring that the needs of our client were met with an added-value lifestyle marketing program."

- Jeff Roach

Partner, Chief Strategy OffIcer at SCSPartner