The Blessing of a Woman’s Love

By Jordan Patterson

The thought of her love brings courage to my heart and a sense of invincibility to my soul.

With her by my side, I feel like I can conquer any challenge that comes my way, for her love is the fuel that ignites the fire.

United in our devotion and bound by an unbreakable bond, we face all challenges, never faltering in our determination to protect her.

She’s the fire that fuels our courage, igniting a passion deep within our souls.

The memory of her face lingers in our minds, casting a radiant glow whenever we close our eyes.

Her smile, like a beacon in the darkest of times, guides us through uncertainty and lends us strength we never knew we had.

The sunshine on her face illuminates the path ahead, leading us towards a future filled with hope and possibility.

Her womanly sensibilities are like a gentle breeze, comforting and soothing in the most tumultuous storms.

I know of no greater reward than the receiving end of her smile - the way her lips curl upward, revealing a glimpse of sunshine that warms my heart.

In those precious moments, the world fades away, and all that matters is the connection between us.

Both lover and friend, she brings solace to my soul and laughter to my days.

As I quietly cry. I ask how lucky can one man be, I am overcome with gratitude for the love I have found in Her.


Date: December 13th, 2023

I Will Always Be Looking For You

By Jordan Patterson

I will always be looking for you, my love even if I’m a thousand miles away. I'll always be praying it’s you that comes walking around the corner.

Our hearts may be separated by a thousand miles, but the distance only fuels the fire of my yearning for your presence.

Every breath I take feels incomplete without your gentle touch, your laughter that lights up my world, and the warmth of your embrace that fills me with a sense of belonging.

I will always be looking for you, my love even if I’m a thousand miles away.

The echoes of your sweet voice whisper in my ears, reminding me of the love that transcends any distance, making every step we take towards each other feel like a triumph over fate.

I will always be looking for you, my love even if I’m a thousand miles away. 


Date: September 7th 2023

Say What You Want

By Jordan Patterson

Say what you want just don’t play games with my heart. I've been praying for your love and won’t stop until it starts.

I’m waiting for the day you realise the depths of my devotion, my quiet dreams of your love, are a powerful emotion. I am tired of the uncertainty that lingers in the air, not knowing if you love me, I can no longer bear.

Every passing moment feels like an eternity to me, as I anticipate the gentle touch of your affection, and the pleasure it’ll bring. In the silence of my thoughts, I imagine the sweet whispers of your voice, revealing the depths of your love that leaves me no choice.

Why don’t you see me, and why don’t you care, why don’t you understand that my love for you, is beyond compare. In every whispered breath, I pray the walls around your heart will crumble, revealing the vulnerability of your love, I know it is possible.

With a trembling voice and a worried heart, it’s time to find the courage, to speak from the heart. I need to express my feelings, to let you know, that in my heart and soul, you're meant to grow.

I will pour out my love and pray you feel the truth, that you’ll let me love you forever. That's all I’m asking you.

Date: Nov 25th, 2023 

The Quiet Sadness Of A Forgotten Cheer

By Jordan Patterson

When the rain is pouring in your face. When your heart says, Stop, before the end of the race. When no one is left to dry your tears. When the crowd is gone and there's no cheers. When the doubts run strong rent free in your mind. When you dream so much of just one last time. When your courage is challenged beyond your belief. I'll whisper my love and provide relief.

When the challenges you face go all uphill. When you feel like you're no longer part of the thrill. When there is no final kiss to say goodbye. As you sit alone crying in search of why. When your dreams of greatness lose all their hope. And the life you imagined becomes one of unknown. When you feel your dreams have all slipped away. I'll come running with my love and your worthy praise.

I'll never again let you stand alone. I'll call your name in the darkness to see you home. I'll do my best to make your dreams come true because of the love I feel for you. We'll rise above and break through the sadness. As we face all challenges on the path to greatness. Know in your heart I'll never let you stand in fear. In the quiet sadness of a forgotten cheer.

Have I told you about all the beauty I see? And how I love to sit and just hear your dreams? Tell me again about those moments of greatness. Because you speak it so well it's part of your brilliance. Tell me about when the crowds would cheer. When you were the best with not an ounce of fear. When your confidence was strong and soared like a rocket ship. And your greatness went unchallenged because you were simply the best.

Date: December 13th, 2023

God’s Love

By Jordan Patterson

When the sun comes down and warms your face you’ll feel a sense of peace and comfort, it’s God’s love and it’s always with you. It’s like a gentle breeze that whispers through the trees, reminding you that you are never alone.

Time has changed my perspective and age has changed my understanding of many thing’s, but one thing remains constant: God’s love for me.


Date: Nov 3rd, 2023

Such a Beautiful Muse

By Jordan Patterson

My heart starves to unravel the mystery of such a beautiful muse. As I watch her disappear into the distance, there is a profound impact she continues to have on my soul.

Her body moves with purpose and her presence leaves a trail of wonder in its wake. And when our eyes met for the first time I immediately thought - I love you.

Such a profound beauty that possesses the most subtle elements of a heavenly grace. She’s a girl. A girl with a smile designed to provoke a sense of courage and a gaze that speaks volumes without saying a word.

She’s a good reason to be nervous, a good reason to feel an unyielding surge of affection. The passive nature within that smile, and the mystery of how she feels, leaves no struggle in my thinking.

My heart starves to unravel the mystery of such a beautiful muse. Yet, each time she disappears, my love for her only grows, like an unfinished poem waiting for its final verse.


Date: January 1, 2024

When Forgiveness Can’t Be Found

By Jordan Patterson

The truth is never enough when forgiveness can’t be found. Sometimes, the pain runs so deep that no amount of truth can heal the wounds inflicted.

The sadness is more powerful than any attempt at reconciliation. It lingers like a shadow, burying any flicker of hope in its darkness. But even in the depths of despair, there is always a glimmer of possibility, a sliver of faith that sustains us.

Life changes when we find understanding for what we must accept. We begin to see that forgiveness does not always mean reconciliation, but rather releasing the burden of anger and resentment within ourselves.

Sadness is easily confused with the feeling of not knowing, the feeling of not knowing can be changed with listening. Life is a series of moments that make us think or sometimes question its purpose. Question marks arise in our minds, and uncertainty creeps in.

Listening leads to understanding and understanding leads to empathy. With empathy, we can start to unlock the possibility of forgiveness, even in the face of seemingly unforgivable actions.

The truth is never enough when forgiveness can’t be found.

Date: Oct 20th, 2023

Beauty Is

By Jordan Patterson

Beauty is in the way you carry yourself, it’s in the way your laughter dances through the air. It’s in every smile that graces your face, it radiates like beams of sunlight.

Beauty is in the gentle touch of your hand that brings warmth and comfort to a broken soul. It’s in the kindness that flows from your heart. It’s a reflection of the love and compassion that resides within you.

Beauty is the way you embrace your authentic self, when you stand up for what you believe, when you lend a helping hand to those in need. It isn’t just a physical attribute, but a state of being that comes from within you.

Beauty is reflected in the way you appreciate the world, creating laughter while finding joy in the simplest of things. It’s the way you see the world through eyes full of wonder, finding magic in the mundane and inspiration in the everyday.

Beauty is the way you always come with grace, embracing your uniqueness and the flaws that make you human. It’s in your willingness to forgive, it's your ability to see beyond imperfections.

Beauty is in the way you treat others, striving to uplift and inspire. It’s in your soul, it's in the way you love. It’s in your self-acceptance. Your beauty is very special and comes from deep within - you.


Date: September 27th 2023

The Setting Sun and Night Sky of Pasadena

By Jordan Patterson

The setting sun and night sky of Pasadena California created a breathtaking symphony of vibrant colours. As the warm hues of purple, red and pink slowly faded into twilight, a gentle blanket of darkness descended upon the city.


Date: Sept 11th, 2023
Photo: Jordan Patterson
Location: Pasadena, California USA.

The Nevada Desert By Night

By Jordan Patterson

I find peace along the dark highways and the Nevada desert by night as the tire tracks shimmered in the moonlight, mirroring the twinkling stars above. The sound of silence echoed all around as a sense of mystery lingered in the air, heightening the allure of the unknown that lay ahead. I find an inner peace as I travel the Nevada desert by night.


Date: September 2023
Photo: Jordan Patterson 
Mojave Desert, Southern Sierra Nevada USA