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Jordan Patterson / Blues and Black Culture 

For his 3rd album “Blues and Black Culture,” Jordan Patterson has aligned himself with like-minded musicians, great players who come willing to also push the boundaries that suggest the limits of the Blues. Every song is beautifully written, performed and recorded - showcasing the depth of Patterson’s originality and imagination. With respect for the Blues, Funk, Rock & Roll, Soul and R&B - the aggressive vocals, with explosive guitar, harmonica and soaring B3 Organ, the song comes to life and finds a center stage, on the debut single “This Soul Connection.” 

Patterson’s music career began during the mid-’90s, in Washington, DC, where he built a reputation for his modern take on the Blues tradition. His 1995 JSP Records debut “Give Me a Chance,” introduced his music to the world with guest appearances by Grammy-Winning Blues artist Bobby Rush, along with the renowned singer-songwriter-guitarist Bobby Parker. His then band, “Jordan Patterson & The D.C. Hurricane,” toured throughout North America and Europe attracting considerable attention, and the energetic approach adopted by Patterson landed them on the front cover of “The Tampa Tribune” following their appearance with Kenny Neal at the 1996 Tampa Bay Blues Festival in Florida. 

As an artistic expression, Blues and Black Culture” is the idealistic sound Jordan Patterson has always wanted to create. It’s all original music that makes him proud to discuss the creative process and many collabortors who supported this project. Patterson’s take on the Blues and Roots Rock brings something unique to the table. This latest recording is deeper in the pocket and even more satisfying, than his 2016 release “The Back On Track Recording Project,” Distributed by Fontana North. 

 NEW MUSIC COMING SOON "Blues and Black Culture" 12/27/2021

Honestly, if you listen to this and don’t want to go to one this guy’s concerts, there is something seriously wrong with you. While this is pretty rote rock and roll, in a sense, it smolders and begs you to even try to put out the fire.” - Zachary Houle

— PopMatters, U.S.A. October 2014 | Re: The Back On Track Recording Project

Patterson’s diverse influences are apparent: like James Cotton, he likes to lay straight ahead blowing over a backing that’s equal parts hard funk and rock and roll… Patterson may be embarking on an exciting musical voyage. ”

— Living Blues Magazine U.S.A. 1996 | Re: Give Me A Chance

He’s got a soulful voice and man, oh man can he blow some harp! Far from being some sort of vanity project.” - John "The Rock Doctor" Kereiff

— The Record Box, Canada - 2014 | Re: The Back On Track Recording Project

It’s hard to pinpoint the most exciting thing here: is it Patterson’s raspy vocals, his flammable harp licks or his incomparably skilled backing band? How about all the above?. ”

— Hot Ticket, The Charlotte Observer, N.C., U.S.A. 1996 | Re: Give Me A Chance

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